Who’s that rioTgirl?


This is an old post from my old blog. It’s my intro post, and aside from needing to +1 all the numbers, I think It’s a good place to start. The plan is to post some old stuff I like along with the new stuff. My partner in blogging, bizzyb will be along with her stuff from time to time, but for the most part this is rioTgirl’s place.

I’m 27 and I have been living FT as a woman for 7 years.. more like 6 if you don’t count that awful first year. I was lucky, I figured my stuff out pretty darn early. I also remember dreading the mirror in the bathroom, shaving my beard the first time and being really depressed, being that scrawny little gay boy in gym class.

I went to college and because of my depression was assigned a councilor. We talked for a minute and she recommended that I attend the gay student group since I was “questioning my sexuality (HA!)”. Lived mistakenly as a gay boy for a couple years and met a really great guy. He saw the girl I was trying to hide and gave me space to explore.

This is where I can honestly say I was blessed. He was 10 years older than I and had a really good job. Because of his job, I was able to work 2 jobs and put myself through school AND pay for transition. Since I didn’t have to worry about bills, rent, food..you know living.

When I started to live authentically I lost my friends and my parents. I haven’t spoken to ma and pa for 5 years. As far as they care I’m dead. I still have a REALLY good relationship with my older brothers and their wives. But I don’t exist for the rest of the family. The last think my dad said to me was “Son, you WILL be one fucked-up looking woman”.

Three years ago I finally saved enough to get some surgery done on my face. I had jaw contouring, trachea shave, eyes widened, and forehead contouring. I also had a chin implant. So long $50,000. I’m STILL paying the shit off and will be for ever. The results were amazing. We agreed that no personal photos would be posted (because guys get creepy over T-girls on the Internet), so no before/after pics here. It was honestly the best money I ever spent, even if I’m now wishing I had some of that back.

So, new face and budding boobs I was confidant. Graduated with my degree and my “husband” and I moved. We had a pretty open relationship because he traveled on his job and was a really horney guy – we had rules, and it was good mostly. Until…

Last year he came home and wanted to talk. He had gotten a co-worker pregnant. That was totally against the rules (no sleping with people we both know, and always use a condom). Not only did he get her pregnant, he wanted to be a dad. That put me after 7 years to be either a mistress or single.

I moved in with my brother and haven’t spoken to the ex in almost a year. I’m finding the dating scene to be pretty pathetic an I’m sure I’ll comment on it. Let’s just say 10 dates in the last year 3 actually had the balls to meet me, one assumed I was an escort, and two were allright but just didn’t click.


~ by laughriotgirl on September 18, 2009.

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