It should be noted this is an old post detailing an event that happened almost two years ago. It still stands out as the worst date I ever had.

Recently, I went out with a local guy I met on the Internet. I wasn’t expecting anything, and wouldn’t have mentioned this date except for how gloriously wrong it was.

Mind you, I was not expecting “Mr Right” or even “Mr Right Now”. I just wanted to go out and meet a new person. If things “clicked” that would have been a bonus. Anyway, after a week of emails and the odd IM, we set up a meting for late afternoon. I was interviewing for a job and told him so, in case I was late. I was also going to be close to his place, so we decided to meet there. I show up, a little early.

Not only does he not look like how he described himself (not a big deal since It’s the Internet, and a dating site.. folks fudge that stuff all the time) but he answers the door in grubby old sweat pants and a t-shirt. I figure he isn’t ready yet, and I am a little early. I apologize for being early. He gets this HUGE grin as as looks me up and down and thanks me for stopping over. He’s being a little nervous which I think is cute, so he’s making up points for not being close to what I expected.

He invites me in and offers a seat and a drink. I decline both (safety you know) and ask if he had any thoughts on where we could eat, or maybe he wanted a casual coffee or something. He looked at me like I was speaking Klingon… “Oh, you’d like to go out??… sure we can do that. You look pretty good”. I should have bolted at this point… he was surprised that I wanted to go in public… and THEN my looks were what made it OK to do so. I stayed..silly girl..

He grabbed his house keys and made for the door. In those sweat pants and the t-shirt… Here I am, dressed to impress.. and he wants to take me out looking like he just got home from the gym. I figure what the heck, goodness knows I resent having to put in the effort to look stunning for guys, so maybe he’s just telling me he isn’t expecting me to always be dolled up – that would be cool.

We go down stairs and he takes me to his car. In a stupid lapse of thought I get in rather than take my car. We drive maybe 3 blocks to a McDonalds … yes a freaking McDonalds. It isn’t like there were no other places, there were some local restaurants as well as some nice affordable sit-down places. But here we were… I ordered some fries and a coke.

Conversation hit the two BIG points for lots of guys. He isn’t gay, AND he was afraid that I wouldn’t look good in person. Yes, the man who lied about his appearance and can’t be bothered to put on proper pants was worried about how *I* looked. He noticed that I was only eating fries, and assumed it was on a diet. Oh.. did I mention that I had to pay for my own food.. I’m no princess, so I don’t really care about paying my way on a date. I actually insist on it so the guy doesn’t feel I’m obligated to sex him up later. But is IS nice to have the offer.

“Dinner” is finally over and I have a headache from a room full of screaming kids. We go to his place and get out of the car. He invites me up..more like expects me to follow him up. When he notices that I’m not following he turns around and…. makes it very clear he is expecting sex “now that we have that stuff out of the way… we can get down to business”. He is greeted with an arched eyebrow and a frown as I head to the car.

He urges me to hurry because his GIRLFRIEND will be home in an hour and he wants to make sure we have enough time. He didn’t mention a girlfriend before .. I ask about her. It seems that she is on her period and he wanted to get some sex, so called me.

And finally.. when I was clear I was getting into my car, not getting into his bed, and not at all pleased…he opened his wallet showing me a wad of cash. Pointed to the contents and then his crotch.

I have been on great dates with super guys, I’ve been on dates that just didn’t go anywhere, I’ve been on dates where the guy insulted me or embarrassed me.. I have never had such a completely bad date.. nothing was even “ok” .. it was stupid and pathetic and I could have used that time to paint my toenails or something…Just venting a bit and begging anyone who reads this.. don’t be THAT guy.


~ by laughriotgirl on September 21, 2009.

7 Responses to “Worst.Date.Ever”

  1. D: entitlement, party of one…and, Ew.

  2. Ugh, that truly is the Worst.Date.Ever. They can’t get much more Neanderthal than that unless they get out the club so they can drag you back to their cave by your hair.

  3. well hot damn, you’ve got a spot, lol.

    That’s a pretty crappy date. Sucky in the extreme.

    You handled it decently, though.

    one suggestion: next time they start out with not wanting to go anywhere, tell them the donation is 1500 upfront to consider it, another 3000 if you decide after consideration it’s worth it.

    Rather stunning the speed with which they realize they picked the wrong gal.

  4. I would never treat you like that…ever.

  5. I am very conflicted about sex, know about the remorse and self loathing that accompanies sex and have experienced firsthand the
    hurt that aperson goes through. So I will never let this happen
    again.I am basically a person who Respects all people and anyone who gives their love and trust is especially vulnerable and so I never pull bullshit on them its, vey bad karma. Respect and trust are high on my priority list. I wish I could someday meet you and have coffee and get to know you ans you know get to me. It would be slow and easy going, very relaxed.No pressure etc. I would not take you to Mcdonalds and wear cheap cruddy clothes. No respect jeeez! I would offer to pickup the tab not because you are a woman but just basic common courtesy. There are so many questions I have concerning myself and you sound like a very knowledgable person who actually thinks and cares and not some self absorbed airhead.
    I weould love to chat /email with you but you are probably way too busy and have a long list of admirers.

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