Words Fail

Is it merely a coincidence that the volume of those suffering from trannyism are WHITE STRAIGHT MIDDLE CLASS MEN???? That the trannyism disorder is an identity disorder grown out of the “special snowflake syndrome”??? Why among the GLBT is the trans group the only group that primarily consists of heteropatriarchal middle/upper middle class white males??? Where are all the poor minority gay men with this disorder? Where are the numbers of minority females with this disorder? Could it be that this is a disorder of race and class? That most who cannot afford (non wealthy hetero whites) this disorder will likely never develop it???

I’ve personally witnessed infighting within various trans communities of what exactly constitutes as trans by trans. Have seen with my own eyes men telling other men who IDed as trans-women but stated they couldnt afford to begin “medically transitioning” that they were in fact NOT trans until they have electrolysis/female hormones/SRS/FSS etc! Bascially declaring if you cannot afford to “transition” you cannot in effect BE trans! And like everything else in our patriarchal society the majority those who have most of the power and money are WHITE HETEROPATRIARCHAL MALES! So should we be surprised at all that highest number of trans ID’d are WHITE HETEROPATRIARCHAL MIDDLE CLASS MALES???? I think not!

This has been a continuing critique by (mostly) RadFems of the Trans Movement. It is one of those things that won’t die and shows how even folks who say they are “unpacking” their various privileges keep a tight lock on that trans misogynist  steamer trunk. Normally, I don’t comment in places that are so unsafe as to allow this crap to go unchallenged – but… I do so dislike dwb (if you don’t know who she is, let me know and I fill ya in).

I would like to make an observation. Where does this white woman get off erasing trans* women from Mexico to Argentina? What about the Hijra and Kathoey in India and Thailand? The Two-Spirit Native Americans? All the other Trans* women from all over the world who are not white, not European, not heteronormative? How about the Trans*women of all ethnic origins who are not close to being Middle-Class? Could it be that she is looking at Trans* through a window of privilege – namely those Trans* who have access to the Internet?

I would like to point out that she does, actually, bring up a valid point about various trans* communities. There is a level of elitism expressed. The ones who can afford SRS questioning the identity of ones who cannot. Her observations are viewed through a cis lens and that lens has warped and distorted the discussions. Removing the influence of the gatekeeper medical establishment who have a vested interest in making SRS not just an option, but THE goal for Trans*.

She is also observing the intersections of race/class/and a trans ID. Namely, if you are poor and of color and trans and not in the US a large portion of your energy is spent in surviving, NOT discussing theory or whatnot on the Internet.  The local TV station is going to pick the less threatening (to their viewers) middle-aged, post-SRS, white, employed trans spokesmodel for a news piece.  To say that there is not a problem with race in trans communities would be a flat lie, but that is not what DWB is saying. She is not acknowledging power differentials between white trans folks and trans people of color. She is making a generalization of trans people based on the images she is allowed to see in a racist, elitist culture. As someone who, as a Feminist, should make that connection she has failed.

Before taking to task white, middle-class trans*people – and there is plenty of room to do that –  perhaps she should check her own racist assumptions. Perhaps she should view the economic and social realities of trans* folks of color.


~ by laughriotgirl on September 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Words Fail”

  1. This is a particular sore spot with me, personally, being one of the people the quote is asking about whether they exist or not, lol.

    I do, indeed, exist. And if they were aware of me, it’d just be something else.

    Indeed, if they were to come over and visit me, I could take them on a tour that would chill their bones and mostly likely see them become even more intensely sex-negative than they usually are.

    She is, indeed, looking at everything through the lens of privilege — and a lot of that lens is colored not merely by the economic factor of ‘net access, but by the consistent lack of TWOC presence in the media formats they are accustomed to seeing.

    IT sorta sucks.

    But then, I remember that I have one benefit they lack. And things get a little better…

  2. I love it when I am told I don’t exist!

    • What’s funny is if I looked at any large GLBT organization, I would have to think that gayness mainly happened to people who are professional, white, comfortably middle-class and usually lawyers or marketers.

      This is particularly true of feminist lesbians. The more radacle the more pale and middle class their origins.

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