Mr. No Show

This is a special case where one of the many guys who stood me up made a date to see me again. Being curious, I went. This is what happened:

Prior to his call I did some snooping. It just so happens that Mr No Show has a wife and kids. I’m not big on Monogamy, but I am big on honesty. He never told me he had a wife. This probably wouldn’t have changed my dating him – it may have changed me potentially sleeping with him. It would have changed the investment I put in our communication and meeting. To be honest, I had fallen pretty hard for this guy. We clicked online and communication was easy and fun and very entertaining.

I went to this new meeting armed with curiosity, a little anger, and some “gotcha” information. I also made sure I looked amazing. It should also be mentioned that I had my normal assortment of crosswords, a book, and a pad of paper – no guarantee he would show up.

He arrived only a little late. We ordered coffee and took a walk to a nearby park so we could talk. He apologized and explained that he had cold feet. He was feeling guilty because he has a wife and he was cheating on her. He told me that talking to me was the greatest thing to happen in years, but he was not going to be able to see me.

I paused. He did confess to the wife. He did admit to the connection with me. I softened. No need to blurt out angrily about his wife. I held his hand lightly, looked into his eyes and calmly – sweetly smiled and kissed the back of his hand. I drew him close and brought his ear to my lips. I whispered to him that he was lucky I was the only woman he hurt in this. Lucky, because in the back of my mind I expect it.

I opened my bag and showed him my crosswords. I told him that when I’m dating I go through one ever couple months waiting on guys who don’t show up. I told him that hurting a trans woman is easy for men. Misleading us isn’t a problem because we don’t matter to them. Their fantasy gets the better of them and they give in. The attraction wasn’t to ME, but to what I represent. The fact we connected like we did was just a bonus and a way to justify what he was doing to his wife. He tried to speak, but had no words.

He started to cry and apologize. I told him to run home because I didn’t want to see him. He left and as he walked and the distance between us grew, I let a few tears go. Then I smiled, finished my coffee and took a walk enjoying a sunny afternoon.


~ by laughriotgirl on September 27, 2009.

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