Another Trans Woman Murdered

I’m totally behind on this, and I apologize. From Questioning Transphobia : Cis parolee sought in murder of woman.

Once again one of our own is murdered.  The “person of interest” is known to “frequent trans prostitutes”.  I wish guys would start believing me when I tell them that most trans women are beaten and killed by intimate partners, NOT random hoodlums on the street. While stranger attacks and victimization happens, and is very important. It is more often than not the man who shared your bed will be the one to do the harm.


~ by laughriotgirl on September 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Another Trans Woman Murdered”

  1. I really don’t like the inference that Ms Ibarra was a prostitute. I have no idea whether or not she was and it doesn’t matter. It has no relevance to the news story. If anything it would seem that it is sensationalizing and trivializing this woman’s tragedy.

    My first reaction also was that I also didn’t see why the reporter mentioned that Ms Ibarra is a transwoman. It seemed to me that her being a transwoman is not a relevant fact. The proper way to report this should have been to state that a woman was murdered in her own apartment; along with, of course, the date and time and the fact that police do have a suspect that they are looking for.

    Upon further reflection though I wonder how else would it be possible to inform the public of the perils that many transwomen face if the media do not report that the victim is a transwomen. I do believe the public should be made aware of the violence against transwomen. However, it seems that there is a fine line between informing and sensationalizing. I would think that the media would be able to present the story in an empathetic way.

  2. My only comment would be that the media sensationalizes everything. It’s also one of those “necessary evils”, I think, that a murdered trans woman needs to be marked as trans in order to make people aware of violence against us.

    TDoR is only a little over a month away…

    • This is probably going to seem unnecessary. The TDoR is less than three weeks away. I hope you soon put up a post on your home page to remind your visitors of this important date. I do have a request that when you put up your post could you please include some links to sites about the TDoR. If you like I will do some of the research for you and send the links to you.

      The GLBT community where I live are not planning any events (that I have heard of) for November 20th so I will have my own remembrance and I will let anyone else join me that so desires.

      • Jim

        I’ll have something up later this week, thanks for the reminder to keep you all updated on that.

        If I remember correctly last year, lots of places had TDoR events planned after the actual date. Mostly it was schools and smaller cities not wanting to compete with the larger cities’ observances.

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