Totally Un-Trans Gamer Stuff

I’ve gone on lately about trans-related things. While I think that’s important, I have so much more happening in my life. I’m quite sure that many of the lurkers here will be surprised that I don’t actually spend my weekends alternately being hyper-sexed and being angry over the state of trans women.

This past weekend guess what i did with my free time? I played Diablo 2 – yup it’s old, it’s simple, it’s a classic. It boils a game into the two thing I like to do:

  • Kill monsters
  • Buy stuff

I got a tip from a friend to get Torchlight today, so I might. If I do I’ll post a review. Or I may just get obsessed with a new game and disappear. (likely)

I have been playing Champions Online. It’s alright – but didn’t hold my interest. Partly because there was some issue with the game and my PC. There was serious lag that, while not unplayable, it was not enjoyable. Nothing like turning, lagging, over compensating, and finding yourself facing the opposite direction. Also, the content got pretty old, as the game is easy to get through. Replayability, quite minimal – exact same quests, loot choices, areas.

On the upside, it had SA-WEET character customization (Ala CoH/V). The ability to create your own “Nemesis”. Power customization that lets you pick any power in any combination. The good definitely outweighed the bad – as long as I was able to play. But once the luster wore off, and the game became more of a chore (due to lag after an update), I just haven’t been compelled to revisit it.

A small visit into my nerdly life


~ by laughriotgirl on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Totally Un-Trans Gamer Stuff”

  1. Nerd!

    J/K 🙂

  2. Hey! Geek happens..

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