More of the Same

I was fully intending on doing a post about my personal relationship with my body as a trans woman inspired by the great post here by gudbuytjane . Instead, I have to deliver some news to my readers:

First, From Houston:

**Misgendering Trigger below – I’m leaving the article as is to show how even the most “progressive” city in Texas is shit-wrong in covering trans murders

Police are trying to determine why a man was killed and left half-naked in a field known to police as a hangout for prostitutes and drug users near the Montrose area. Ruben Dario Ical, 51, of Houston, who also went by the name of Myra Chanel Ical, was found dead in the 4300 block of Garrott about 2 p.m. Jan. 10, police said. He had numerous bruises and defensive wounds, as if he had struggled against his attacker. He was partially clothed.

Police said that the area where Ical’s body was discovered is a well-known spot where homeless people camp and is frequented by prostitutes and drug users. Investigators said they have no motive and no suspects in the death.

Ical was last seen wearing a black blouse, blue jeans and a black sweater.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Houston Police Department Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

First, Ms Ical was NOT a man. Myra Chanel Ical was a Trans WOMAN.  Full – damn- stop.

Ms Ical was found in an area “for prostitutes and drug users” . So – fucking – what. The implication of prostitution and drugs and misgendering Ms Ical simply sets up a case where her violent death is less important, more justified, and acceptable.

There was a memorial for Ms Ical on Monday. Houston-born Monica Roberts has fantastic coverage here.

Cis people just don’t get shit right. When we are murdered (often by their hands) they can’t be bothered to get our names or our lives right.

In other news:

So here is a guy in San Fran, Donzell Francis, who frequented trans women sex workers. He has been connected in the rapes of many and the murder of one. He has been convicted in the rape and beating of one trans sex worker and his DNA linked to many many more. This includes the strangulation of Ruby Rodriguez and the rapes and beatings of at least 3 other un-named trans sex workers.

Sitting in Department 10 on Monday afternoon, Donzell Francis, 41, didn’t react as the judge sentenced him to the maximum sentence of 17 years and 8 months in state prison. The convicted sexual predator and suspected murderer and rapist of transgender prostitutes just stood up to be handcuffed, retrieved his cane, and hobbled back to the jail.
In late December, a jury had convicted him of forcible oral copulation, robbery, assault, and causing great bodily injury to Lena, a transgender prostitute whom he picked up in the Tenderloin in September of 2007. She wasn’t Francis’s first victim, and police are still unraveling multiple sexual assault cases that he appears to be involved with.

So, why is it that Ruby’s photo is all over the Internet? She is immortalized forever, as a victim. Why is it that Donzel Francis’ image is nowhere to be found? Aside from Angie Zapata’s murderer (Alan Andrade) we don’t have pictures of the guys who rape, beat, and murder us. Given the pathetically short sentences these guys get, there is a high probability that they will do it again. We should have some way of knowing if a given chaser is known to be a murdering rapist.


~ by laughriotgirl on January 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “More of the Same”

  1. Any death by violence is tragic, but yet the media seem to be so dismissive of the deaths of these women. I followed the links that you provided and read the comments of readers to the stories. I was astounded at the hatred that cis people have towards transwomen (and transmen). It’s almost disheartening at the sheer ignorance of people. This world still has so far to go towards tolerance and acceptance. This gives me additional incentive to keep up my efforts, small though they may be, to educate my fellow cis people.

  2. This hatred and violence is pathological and speaks poorly of our society that we don’t do more to stop it. I remember how shocked I was when I went to our local day of remembrance and heard some of the stories. Awareness and education will help. But sadly, I think the intolerance (fear?) runs deep for many. We may not be able to change people’s prejudices overnight but we sure ought to be able to put an end to these acts of violence.

  3. News like this, the first thing I read in this new day, just saddens me so much. At the same time, it strengthens my resolve to speak out against injustice, and never to shy away from the good fight with those who would diminish anyone who is not “normal.” Thank you for your continuing effort to put news like this in front of us.

  4. Such a shame that people are denied their humanity like this, even in death.

  5. I agree. I hope that these cisfuckers don’t find my old name when I die or they learn to treat us with respect (hopefully the latter). No one should have to be subjected to that kind of bigotry.

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