Just your average geeky trans lady

Just your average geeky trans lady

This blog is a continuation of a blog I started about 2 years ago. My motivation for starting that blog was to discuss issues that I didn’t see being talked about on the sites I frequent. In particular dating as a trans women, trying to understand and also educate people who date/screw/lust over trans women.

The second point of this blog is to talk about issues that are important to me as a trans woman. Politics, social movements, rants, other assorted stuff from a Trans-centered perspective.

Third, is to talk about the things I love to do. I like comic books, role-playing games, video games, sci-fi and fantasy. I am nerdly and quite happy to drone on and on about the minutia of Serenity or Internet humor.


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  1. Hello, Laughriotgirl,

    I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my defense on the Bash Back thread regarding this year’s Camp Trans. No, I’m not calling for exclusion of anyone, but, rather, I think that trans women should find the means to gather together to trade ideas so that we can build our community. I’m not saying that we should be permanently separate for trans men or genderqueers or anyone else: rather, I think that we need to have a space where we can sort our issues out ourselves and where we can speak in our own voices. So, I thank you for backing me up.

    I have just now subscribed to your blog. I also have started a blog at http://www.robinstanwanelsan.wordpress.com. I’ve never blogged before, so I can’t say that the graphics are the most exciting, but in time I hope to have a more sophisticated operation. I try to post an approximately 1,000-word essay every Wednesday. Again, I don’t know how exciting or worthwhile my blog is, but I feel that I have to do something to try to help build community.

    I am reachable on the dread Facebook at Ann Amoli. No, that’s not my real name, but that’s good enough for cyberspace.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more from your blog in the future.


    P.S.: Did you attend Camp Trans this year? I did…it was my first time attending. Overall, I had a good time, but there’s no denying that there was unrest in the forest. Hence, my suggestion for an alternative to CT as it currently is.

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