The Point and Rules

The point of this blog is to talk about being a trans woman who is a feminist and also dates men. There are lots of trans blogs that talk about politics, and lots of trans blogs that talk about guys. The thing is, I don’t see the two really happening in the same place. Gals talking to guys are not usually talking politics and most of the trans women I know from the Internet are lesbian or only date other trans people.

So I have three distinct flavors of visitors here. Women I know online (and off) who I met while discussing feminism and gender stuff. Men who are attracted to (at least the idea of) trans women. Finally, my friends who generally don’t think much about trans stuff and are here for my other non-trans related posts on comics, game reviews, movies and the dumb stuff I like to do.

So, the people visiting here are probably going to have very different ideas about what is appropriate. I expect respect here and while I hate moderation, some things are going to be off limits:

1) Shemale – nope, not a chance, don’t use it (I’ll discuss why later)

2) Mis-gendering – This better be self-explanatory

3) Trolling in general and derailing trans-centered discussions


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