Grooby Interview Pt2

Meghan Chavalier did an interview with Steve Gallon from Grooby productions. Grooby is without a doubt THE name in transgender M2F porn. This next part shows some of his thougt about the industry, in general and the directions it has been going lately. Some of his problems with currently popular trends and my take on what has been said, and a little grumbling about the industry myself.

This is the second part a few article series where he talks about the industry and the women who work in it. If you are offended by porn-terms for trans women, then you should not read below the fold. I am also not really going to discuss any of his thoughts on running his business or how he started in the business, which is a good portion of the interview

It seems that the adult film industry has become a matter of who can come up with new and twisted ways to have sex, and some are borderline disgusting. Do you think that some of the movies coming out today are pushing it too far? –Meghan Chavalier

Absolutely. We’ve always had a safe sex policy and until recently demanded condoms for anal scenes unless they were real life partners. More recently we’ve relaxed this a little for some performers with AIM tests but personally, I’m very wary of it. The current “cream pies” or internal cum shots bothers me and I think we’re in danger of pushing porn too far – especially with the gagging, and choking that seems popular in some videos now. If it’s a specific fetish scene, that’s one thing but it appears in many producers regular scenes and I think some viewers, will take that to be normal sex and think it’s what they can do. We should be policing ourselves a lot more, before someone does it for us.

When young transgender women come to you saying they want to model, but also tell you about goals they have in the future beyond the adult industry do you ever tell them you think that it would be better to stay away from the industry and point them in a differen’t direction? –Meghan Chavalier

All the time. Firstly, I always tell them that this isn’t a career, it’s to be seen as extra money. If a model comes to us, who is already working as an escort, I know they’re more experienced than the TS whose only “outing” is the internet. They need to know that photos and video of them is going to be around for a long time and even if we removed if from our sites, the content has been well circulated by then. Most girls are realistic about it and come to work for us for a few years and then move on happily but anybody should think very carefully about working in this industry, before they take an assignment.

Ok this is stuff I am pretty down with. I agree that the state of much of the porn industry is pretty abysmal. The gagging and choking stuff really bothers me in particular. Also the POV stuff where one of the actors (usually the man) is also working the camera. For trans porn, I think the absolute worst is Black Ops for that stuff. I also feel that the Grooby series of sites generally avoids most (if not all) of the really problematic stuff.  With the obvious exception of the fantasy/domination sites.

It is also good to hear that he is honest about the industry with new models. I know first hand that images posted on the Internet stay around. From personal experience, I have limited the number of photographs that I will post because I have seen my face gracing personal ads and escort sites. So yeah, any Internet exposure will pop up again and again. Rather than just using these gals, I feel like he is trying to help them make informed decisions. If adult work is as valid a career as any (and I believe it is), then having Grooby as an employer isn’t so bad. If he is turning away gals who want to work from him, then I think it is pretty clear that he

a) Has enough models

b) Wants to minimize regret

However, if gagging and choking scenes are a danger because people may think that’s how “normal sex” should be, what about the marketing of trans women in porn? If some scenes are potentially bad because it normalizes sex acts that could be dangerous, doesn’t  “He/She Gangbang 12” or “ShemalePornStars(dotcom)” doesn’t contribute to a climate where trans women are only seen as hypersexed fetishes? Third-gendered-not-really-women?


~ by laughriotgirl on October 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Grooby Interview Pt2”

  1. Tell it like it is Ms. B!

  2. I loved it. I got to interview Stephen also and I hope you’ll enjoy it:

  3. I can only underline what you comment. Be aware that Steve Gallon is notorious for his short temper. In the business he is known as the worst Cheap Charlie. In Asia (Thailand) Steve and Frank build up the worst names.

    If you dare to disagree then be aware that Steve won’t stop to put all private information on his websites. Even threaten you in person. Famous quotations are wait until I get you or wait until I get my hands on you.

    I doubt if Steve has the guts to really get violent but it tells a lot. In fact he is a wimp. His soft point was Eric. The biggest tricker in Thailand. With absolutely no contribution to society whatsoever. When Eric passed away Steve got scared. He realized the clock ticked for us all

    His so called proclaim to protect and promoto transgenders is another hoax. Steve has only one problem. Himself

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